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Ahad, 27 Disember 2015

Tips for packing your things

Assalammualaikum and Hello....

Whats up guys.. what are you doing today? Today, me and my wife just went out to look for some groceries to fill up our storage. Not so much here in Kanowit, Sarawak. Actually, a lot of vegetables and seafood are cheap compare to big town. The sources are limited but for me it is enough for both of us. 😂😂

During leisure times, both of us planning for our next trip, InshaAllah, Seoul.. While survey, we found out some videos actually might help to reduce some money for flight ticket. You know what? Hahaha, it just how to pack in small travel bag. FYI, it actually can reduce your money by ~RM200. Maybe more. Here some videos i take it from youtube. Just a short post for today. Enjoy the video, pack and go travel guys... Assalammualaikum and byeeee..

 Here are some tips for using backpack

 For luggage - can fit into cabin

 Here some tips for your things

 Another tips for backpacker

 Thank you for the Youtube channel for very good informations
  1. PackingLightDotCom
  2. AprilAthena7 
  3. Light Frontier Adventure Club 
  4. Wilderness Supply

2 ulasan:

  1. Salam..Hi!
    Good sharing...usually i will roll my cloths =)
    Itu je yang biasa buat..

  2. Yup.. we also just rolling..
    Dh bnyk kali naek flight, bru prsn bnyk leh jimat klu tnpe check in luggage.. worth to try la.. 👍👍