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Sabtu, 26 Disember 2015

AirAsia Ezypay Card

Assalammualaikum travel buddies.

What are you doing in long holiday? Go to any places? For us, we have to stay in our house only. No transport to go to town or visit any attraction in Sarawak. So sad.. 😢😢.. For this post, i would like to discus new card which released by AirAsia. It is called AirAsia Eazypay. Actually I just found about this card during surveying ticket for Seoul. Ya guys, we planning to go to Seoul, most likely on April 16. Hopefully, if no problems happen. FIY, we are government servant, a lot of thing to settle before we go travel. Permission letter to go outside country, leave request and many things. Haih

AirAsia Ezypay card is like a reload card, however its function is better and can widely use in whole country, as long as it connected to mastercard. Here , i will talk more regarding the advantage of the card

1.    No processing fee
As you can see during the booking, we have to pay the processing fee if we used the credit/debit card. Its not much, but if you are frequent flyer, the numbers might be quite significant. Pheeww
Usually the processing fee is about RM8.00 per transaction. Here are some example :

2.    Easily reload
As I mentioned earlier, the card acting as a reload card. It easy to reload the card. You can use your maybank2u, CIMB click, bank transfer, and even can use your debit card. Eventhough some of you might see this card like debit card, I think this card is better if you want to control your budget for next travel. Let me explain. The card can be used based on how much you top up the card. So, this card can help you to prevent to over spent during the travel. Believe me, no matter how long and detail you prepare, you must over spend your budget. For me, this card also help you to bring the money. So, no need to bring a lot of money along with you.

3.    Can use 6 different currency in one card
These are another function that I like in this card. You can use 5 different major currency such as USD Dollar, Euro, Australian dollar, Singapore Dollar, Pound Sterling and defenitely Rignggit Malaysia. You also can lock one definite currency in your card. So, it might prevent you from the fluctuation of the currency exchange rates

4.    A lot of rewards
There are also a lot of reward if using this card. This picture below might conclude all the rewards you can get from this card. One of the reward that attract me is , you can get a 2x cash reward if you make a transaction internationally in your birthday month.  For A list holder. If you want to become A lister, you have to request Ezypay passport (card) and Ezypay virtual card. They will emailto you your card in pdf formsecured with password.

5.    Easy to register
Lastly, this card is easy to register. You do not need any bank statement or bill for registration. Unless you want to increase the credit limit, you have to show your bank statement to the conpany. Moreover, you only have to pay RM10 during registration. Its included in your first top up of the card. No anual fee required.

Eventhough some peoples think the low cost budget like AirAsia flight are bad, I still believe their quote, everybody can fly. You get, what you pay. So, don’t give much complained to them, as long as they can bring us to destination safely, it good for me.

A lot of complain in official AirAsia facebook...

Ok guys, thank you for reading my latest post. I’m sorry my English not so good. From blogging , I hope, I can share our experience and improve my English.. thank you, and Assalammualaikum.

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